Articles for the Month of September 2017

Four ways to make your Days Count

In the poetic lyrics by singer and song writer, Jim Croce, he tells of a longing wish to somehow “save time in a bottle.” If that was possible, I can only imagine people saving all their empty two-liter soda bottles. Sure, it’s not as elegant as an empty bottle of Chardonnay but if you could truly save time in that fashion, who wouldn’t use any container they could get their hands on? But alas, unless you are Dr. Who, manipulating time is simply not an option. The best solution for us mortals is to manage the time we are given.

In your chosen profession, you have dedicated yourself to know all things in the realm of promotional products. Here at Hadrus Vinyl Graphics, we dedicate ourselves to large format vinyl graphics. And there are others out there who are dedicated to time or rather the daily management of time.  

Sure, you might have your own time management routine and you know some tips to improve productivity but if there’s something we learned until now is that there will always be more things and tips you didn’t think about until you read them.  So, if time is a fleeting thing each day, here are four blogs you should make *time* to visit.


1 – Lifehack
The editors from Lifehack write about time management and related subjects. You’ll find great content each day. They often talk about fighting procrastination and giving out free tools for those who want to do just that. You’ll also find content about productivity, goals achievement and more.

Like the blog name says, you’ll find a lot of useful ways to be a better individual such as: 10 life changing hacks you can try right now.


2 – Time Management Ninja
If you just now learned about Craig Jarrow (The Time Management Ninja), you’re in for a treat. His posts are clear and concise as he provides tips, techniques, and tools to help people get things done faster and with minimal effort. He is a time wizard who writes compelling articles. Maybe that’s why he has over 51,000 subscribers on his time management blog.

There are a lot of articles to take in but a favorite read from a couple of years ago is the one on managing our time like we manage our money.


3 – Brian Tracy Blog
If you are looking for a blog where you can find ideas and tips for getting things done and how to manage your time and life, you should definitely visit Brian Tracy’s Blog. Brian has a really great style of writing and his examples are well explained.

Try his Best Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating.


4 – Pick the Brain
This is more a hub of time-management info than a typical blog, but it’s absolutely worth exploring. Centered around individual productivity, Pick the Brain offers up gems like how to procrastinate productively, the dangers of being labeled ‘gifted’, and advice for non-materialistic folks on why getting rich is awesome.

One of their gems to read is Making Everyday Count


In closing, consider the words of writer and author, H. Jackson Brown Jr.  

“Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.”