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Setting up a Standard RBS

Our Standard Retractable Banner Stand is a quality-made economy model.
Set up is easy and takes just a few seconds.  

4 things to Know When Choosing the Right RBS

It is fair to say that the realm of advertising, business presentations, and trade shows has exploded in recent years as organizations have embraced new ways to promote their product and build brand awareness. As a result, retractable banner stands have become one of the “must haves” for any company’s marketing effort.

The benefits of using retractable banner stands are well documented – they are portable, convenient and draw attention– but what about choosing one? Which option is right for you? If you are about to purchase your first banner stand, or if you are a “seasoned user”, here are four things to know when choosing the right retractable banner stand.

There are many styles and grades of retractable banner stands. So, before you decide upon a banner stand model, you need to first identify how it will be used. Will it be set up once and posted in the front lobby? Is it for displaying at trade shows twice a year? Do you have a sales team doing several presentation events every month? Do you need the ability to change graphics? Knowing how it will be used will help you zero in on and choose the right type of hardware.

Know Your Space
It’s important to know how much space you have to work with. When it comes to the size of the of your retractable banner stand, it should be big enough to attract attention but small enough to not overpower the area. Choose a size that will compliment and provide a decent canvas for your marketing message. And if you plan to travel with or ship the banner stand to out-of-town locations, it’s important to make sure the banner stand fits the travel or shipping case. Hadrus stocks the sizes and models that are most popular. With sizes ranging from the narrow 24” models up to the impressive 60” wide, we are sure to have the right size to fill your space.

Too often, businesses will thwart their own success by cramming in way too much information. Too much information makes the banner stand message confusing and causes people to quickly loose interest. And what good is that?

A clear, concise message is the key to an effective banner stand design. A good banner stand design should answer three w’s . . . who, what, and why. Place your company logo or product brand on the top. Follow that with a well thought out message that conveys your objective simply, clearly and concisely – you only have a couple of seconds to capture your audience attention – make the most of it (but don’t ramble on with every single detail). Lastly, is a call to action, why should they give a hoot about your brand or product? You need to tell them in plain and simple terms.

Eye Candy
It’s the design that first captures the attention. Use large, bold lettering for your core phrase or message. Incorporating exceptional images can make the visual presentation even more stunning and easy to quickly relate or understand. Vivid colors and complimentary backgrounds can help your design stand out and be noticed. But it’s not all about overwhelming the senses with tons of color and photos. The captivating power of “white space” can be even more impacting. Properly spaced elements and the use of blank space on your design can make for a message that stops people in their tracks.

As you can see, there are several points to consider. As a marketing tool, retractable banner stands can be effective in attracting attention which is why they have become a vital part of an effective marketing campaign. If you can get your target audience to take notice for a brief moment, they will pause and read the content of your message. And retractable banner stands do exactly that. They are powerful marketing tools and a must have for every business.

Four ways to make your Days Count

In the poetic lyrics by singer and song writer, Jim Croce, he tells of a longing wish to somehow “save time in a bottle.” If that was possible, I can only imagine people saving all their empty two-liter soda bottles. Sure, it’s not as elegant as an empty bottle of Chardonnay but if you could truly save time in that fashion, who wouldn’t use any container they could get their hands on? But alas, unless you are Dr. Who, manipulating time is simply not an option. The best solution for us mortals is to manage the time we are given.

In your chosen profession, you have dedicated yourself to know all things in the realm of promotional products. Here at Hadrus Vinyl Graphics, we dedicate ourselves to large format vinyl graphics. And there are others out there who are dedicated to time or rather the daily management of time.  

Sure, you might have your own time management routine and you know some tips to improve productivity but if there’s something we learned until now is that there will always be more things and tips you didn’t think about until you read them.  So, if time is a fleeting thing each day, here are four blogs you should make *time* to visit.


1 – Lifehack
The editors from Lifehack write about time management and related subjects. You’ll find great content each day. They often talk about fighting procrastination and giving out free tools for those who want to do just that. You’ll also find content about productivity, goals achievement and more.

Like the blog name says, you’ll find a lot of useful ways to be a better individual such as: 10 life changing hacks you can try right now.


2 – Time Management Ninja
If you just now learned about Craig Jarrow (The Time Management Ninja), you’re in for a treat. His posts are clear and concise as he provides tips, techniques, and tools to help people get things done faster and with minimal effort. He is a time wizard who writes compelling articles. Maybe that’s why he has over 51,000 subscribers on his time management blog.

There are a lot of articles to take in but a favorite read from a couple of years ago is the one on managing our time like we manage our money.


3 – Brian Tracy Blog
If you are looking for a blog where you can find ideas and tips for getting things done and how to manage your time and life, you should definitely visit Brian Tracy’s Blog. Brian has a really great style of writing and his examples are well explained.

Try his Best Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating.


4 – Pick the Brain
This is more a hub of time-management info than a typical blog, but it’s absolutely worth exploring. Centered around individual productivity, Pick the Brain offers up gems like how to procrastinate productively, the dangers of being labeled ‘gifted’, and advice for non-materialistic folks on why getting rich is awesome.

One of their gems to read is Making Everyday Count


In closing, consider the words of writer and author, H. Jackson Brown Jr.  

“Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.”

Turn Glass Windows into a Marketing Machine

Advertising on front store windows is nothing new.  It’s been happening for almost as long as there have been glass windows.  For over a century, business owners have been hiring artists to paint messages on their front glass.  For the past few decades, the medium is no longer paint, it’s vinyl.  Fast forward a little more to the digital revolution and we get vibrant color prints on easy-to-apply vinyl.

The medium may continue to change, but one thing that has not changed and that is putting advertising messages on windows.  Even with all the social media and new ways of digital marketing, advertising on windows continues to remain a constant.  Think about it, we see it all the time with the chain-stores or franchise locations, a captivating image portraying their product, or even better, a message portraying their product being enjoyed.  So, why don’t more business do this?  It’s mostly because it is believed that these stunning window graphics are really, really expensive.  And ten-plus years ago, that assumption was correct.  Those kinds of window graphics were expensive and cost prohibitive for most.  But advancements in adhesives, substrate diversity and the amazing ability of our modern digital printing machines not only turns the tables, but turns the whole thing on it’s head.

EZ STIK Window SmoothEZ STIK Window Smooth is printed digital direct in full color providing vibrant images making your window messages “pop” and stand out. From small decal size to medium poster size to large full window size, graphics can be square cut or die cut into almost any shape adding character to your unique window presentation. The graphics are laminated for scratch and UV protection adding life and longevity to the luster sheen. With it’s unique low-tack adhesive, it is repositionable making these graphics easy-to-apply which means these can be direct shipped and installed by the staff of each location.

  • Designed for window graphics such as storefronts or POP retail applications
  • Easy to apply
  • Repositionable
  • Low-tack removable adhesive
  • Clean, residue free removal
  • Money-saving alternative to antiquated “static clings”
  • Square cut or shape cut
  • Laminated for protection

EZ STIK Window Smooth is a revolutionary product that transforms your windows into a stunning marketing message. You are only limited by your imagination. Take advantage of this tool and start turning windows into marketing machines.

Specialty Graphics — A Real Game Changer

We have published our latest catalog featuring a number of new products including our expanded line of EZ STIK™ large format vinyl graphics. These are definitely game changers. Let me tell you why.

The first “large” digital printing presses didn’t appear till the mid 1990’s. At that time, a “large” print was just 36 inches wide and limited to a few types of paper & vinyl. By the year 2000, the largest print size was 16 feet wide. Although digital printing machines were rapidly changing and the different sizes and types of machines were segmented into wide format, large format or grand format, the materials to print upon were lagging behind.

Although different types of vinyl graphic materials were rapidly being introduced to the market, many of them didn’t perform as well as advertised and the difficulty in installation required experienced vinyl installers. As technology continued to evolve and the materials caught up with the machines, this soon changed.

Today there are hundred’s of types of graphic materials from vinyls, fabrics, polypropylene films, recyclables and biodegradable just to name a few yet, many of them still require expert installers.

However there are some cutting edge materials available that are just too cool. They produce stunning images, are easy to install and are really cost effective. Promotional graphics that 5 years ago cost you $6,000 will today cost you $500 and the quality is better.

Over the years, we have zeroed in on the best of those cutting edge materials from Germany, Brazil, Korea and China which is what has built our EZ STIK™ line of vinyl graphics. These new products can now be part of any promotional campaign. We have the right vinyl product for every surface.

As you consult with customers on their next promotional campaign or discuss different promotional ideas, remember you bring another advantage to the game. You can now offer another unique solution to promoting a product, brand, service or event – large format vinyl graphics.

Right now you are ahead of the curve. Not many people know about these types of graphics and not many people offer these types of graphics. That’s called a “business advantage”, a game changer – if you will – that puts you in front of your competition.

The only question is what will you do with this advantage?