Specialty Graphics — A Real Game Changer

We have published our latest catalog featuring a number of new products including our expanded line of EZ STIK™ large format vinyl graphics. These are definitely game changers. Let me tell you why.

The first “large” digital printing presses didn’t appear till the mid 1990’s. At that time, a “large” print was just 36 inches wide and limited to a few types of paper & vinyl. By the year 2000, the largest print size was 16 feet wide. Although digital printing machines were rapidly changing and the different sizes and types of machines were segmented into wide format, large format or grand format, the materials to print upon were lagging behind.

Although different types of vinyl graphic materials were rapidly being introduced to the market, many of them didn’t perform as well as advertised and the difficulty in installation required experienced vinyl installers. As technology continued to evolve and the materials caught up with the machines, this soon changed.

Today there are hundred’s of types of graphic materials from vinyls, fabrics, polypropylene films, recyclables and biodegradable just to name a few yet, many of them still require expert installers.

However there are some cutting edge materials available that are just too cool. They produce stunning images, are easy to install and are really cost effective. Promotional graphics that 5 years ago cost you $6,000 will today cost you $500 and the quality is better.

Over the years, we have zeroed in on the best of those cutting edge materials from Germany, Brazil, Korea and China which is what has built our EZ STIK™ line of vinyl graphics. These new products can now be part of any promotional campaign. We have the right vinyl product for every surface.

As you consult with customers on their next promotional campaign or discuss different promotional ideas, remember you bring another advantage to the game. You can now offer another unique solution to promoting a product, brand, service or event – large format vinyl graphics.

Right now you are ahead of the curve. Not many people know about these types of graphics and not many people offer these types of graphics. That’s called a “business advantage”, a game changer – if you will – that puts you in front of your competition.

The only question is what will you do with this advantage?