Standard Retractable Banner Stand

Standard retractable banner stand with zippered carrying case. Our lightweight, brushed anodized aluminum base with two swivel feet for stability and three piece support pole securely holds photorealistic, anti-curl graphic for a dynamic, easy-to-use marketing message you can carry conveniently to any location. Zippered carry case included.

Although all banner stands operate the same basic way, they are not created equal. Our Standard base model is 50% thicker than most and our interior mechanism is designed with more metal components.

ITEM SIZE 1 2-23 24+
RBS24 24”x80” $225.00 $210.00 $191.50
RBS31 31”x80” $225.00 $210.00 $191.50
RBS33 * 33”x80” $200.00 $190.00 $180.00
RBS36 * 36”x80” $250.00 $230.00 $212.00
RBS48 48”x80” $350.00 $320.00 $297.00
(A) * most popular
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